Tijana Bogićević kao glasovna bajka

Nedavno je objavila novi muzički album “Čudo“ i time posejala sentiment dobrog zvuka. Reči lansira direktno iz srca, a kada zapeva, na par minuta ućuti i sam Kosmos. Kontroliše kvalitet informacija koje dopiru do nje jer se predano koncentriše na svoj talenat, a gluvom uhu Srbije šapuće nežne reči jer veruje u njen oporavak. Pevljiva, verujuća i prozračna – Tijana Bogićević.


Na muzičkom polju vlada antologija profita u smislu da se veća pažnja posvećuje tržištu, novcu i ukalupljenom muzičkom proizvodu. Kako doživljavaš budućnost muzike, kako u svetu, tako i kod nas?

My opinion is always that a good song never goes out of style. I think they are people who are not really into music and who are not really artists or, if you find it easier, do not have a constant need to express themselves creatively, precisely those who resort to molds and whose only motive is money. My goal is to leave a mark and leave people with these beautiful songs that the trend would neither help nor help. This is the music that remains and to which people will return. The motive is much greater than the current earnings, which is that when looking back at the past fifty years and 2018, it is not only a sign of the reality of the stars and their grotesque attempts at music, but to say – that year is Tijana Bogicevic has released her cult album Miracle. So it wasn’t all that black.

We have had numerous attempts to imitate hyper-production of music formats such as: “ I have talent “, “ Operation Triumph “, “ X Factor “. Is the quality of such programs disputable in our country?

These were not really attempts to emulate, but licenses of these Talent show programs, and they obviously did not have much success with us, since some had only one or two seasons each. On the other hand, it is precisely the formats that have been imitated and produced entirely in domestic production that have achieved great success. So content is what is different and the kind of music that the competitors perform. Any program that highlights juries between members of the jury, harsh words, generally sensationalism, instead of being a competitor’s talent, is, in my view, contentious in terms of quality.

How do you maintain the vitality of your talent?

I live healthy and am surrounded by wonderful people. It’s all about energy. All! Indeed, when one strives for balance and harmony, then he can do anything. I feel really younger than ever and more prepared than ever.

Famous American pop star Pink publicly praised your rendition of her song „Sober“ on YouTube. Have you ever received a bigger compliment?

That was a big surprise! Glamor Magazine has organized a series of videos where famous singers comment on covers of their songs. We recorded the cover of the song Sober eight years ago, completely unpretentious. We played everything live and did not expect any of these covers to have one million hits. It is a huge compliment that they have chosen us at all from the hundreds of people who have processed exactly that song and Pink showed it. And of course, as the icing on the cake came her beautiful words. I was thrilled!

By constantly promoting vain and vulgar content, the social field becomes insensitive to the dark side of the concept of light entertainment. How much do people really hear about rarely performing musicians?

We have a shortage of quality performers who are really involved in music as a profession. There are talents, but the path from talent to a successful career is long and thorny. Especially if you have a strong value system and don’t go for the easy money. Nowadays, it’s all a matter of „hype“. It is as if humans have become one big hypnotized crowd, whose attention spans only ten seconds. Many performers who perform in a different kind of music than what is „hyped up“ become completely demoralized and give up everything because there is absolutely no support system. Even those who flash at one point break their wings. However, I do not plan to give up no matter what the people may not be hearing about quality, because everything is instant. There is a much higher goal and something that has cultural value will have a long-term effect.

How polarized are we as a people to the traditional-modern and do we survive in preserving our identity while adopting new values?

I think it’s really best to preserve your identity and keep up with the times and create a modern society. It is not good to be extreme in anything, not even annoying. We have a lot to be proud of, but we persistently put something we should be ashamed of. I am not a supporter of conspiracy theories, but I cannot escape the impression that this state of affairs in the society is indeed constructed by some evil forces.

Do you see a problem in the cultural waves that are splashing Serbia from the west?

Well no, because it’s all inevitable. The problem I see is that we seem to be masters of picking out the worst of each wave and adding some mutant shape to it. So we have a reality show that lasts a year, for example. It is not the world’s fault that we are getting away with everything.

Is your way of doing music music the way to go less often ?

It turns out that it is because we don’t have many performers who can go „in the same basket“ with me. However, that path that goes less often is not about the kind of music I sing, but about the compromises I wasn’t prepared to make. It takes a lot of effort and faith in yourself, some crazy energy, and always finding a new motive and being someone who doesn’t give up on himself and his profession. I am the guardian of my profession. I wish there were more of us!

Photo by Sever Zolak

Imaš pesak u glasu, manire i moralne principe, neisflekanu karijeru i naporan rad iza sebe. Takoreći, ti si deo nacionalnog blaga. Da li su postojali momenti kada si sumnjala u svoj talenat?

Wow! Ovo su zaista veliki komplimenti, hvala ti na tome! Nije postojao ni jedan momenat kad sam ja posumnjala u svoj talenat. I to je ono što me je uvek i držalo. Ali zato sam sumnjala u sve ostalo… U to da ću ikad uspeti da završim album, u to da će radio stanice puštati moju muziku, u to da ću imati dovoljno snage da sve to izguram, da će postojati dovoljno publike za moju muziku. Ali nikad nisam sumnjala u to da je ovo što radim ispravno. I bila sam u pravu!

U fluidnom prostoru kao što je internet, mnoge estradne ličnosti su medijska kreacija. Bez performansa, stilista, koreografa, oni su samo prosek koji je ubedio druge u svoju nadprosečnost. Da li bi pažnja bila preusmerena na istinske talente ukoliko bi postojalo oštrije kritičko mišljenje publike?

Upravo je to ono što sam malopre pomenula, a to je taj hajp koji se stvori oko nekoga i ubedi ljude kako “car ima odelo”. Moramo naravno razumeti da je sve ovo što si nabrojala nešto bez čega niko ne može biti natprosečan. Koliko god ja bila kvalitetna kao umetnik, potrebno je sve to i upakovati i prezentovati ljudima na način koji se slaže uz moju muziku i uz poruku koju publici šaljem. Publika neće imati oštrije kritičko mišljenje i to je u redu. Uredništvo medija bi trebalo da ima oštrije kritičko mišljenje, jer ono što se danas servira je zaista dotaklo dno. Gomila je hipnotisana, i sve je otišlo u pogrešnom smeru.

Jedno vreme je na televiziji Pink emisiju vodila poznata starleta Maca Diskrecija. U emisiji su redovni gosti bili ljudi ometeni u razvoju, a tema je bila pornografski orijentisana. Kako komentarišeš ovaj fenomen?

Nisam upoznata sa tim i žao mi je što sam za to uopšte i saznala! Moj komentar je ovde suvišan.

Da li je komično to što neprestano kao nacija nastojimo da dokazujemo ne samo da pripadamo svetu, već da smo mi svet?

Jedna od stvari koje čovek nauči kad se odseli iz Srbije je da tad zaista upozna sebe i svoj mentalitet. Upoznala sam svakakve ljude raznih kultura, boja kože, socijalnih statusa, ali najviše sam postala svesna sebe i naroda iz kojeg potičem.
Mi smo jednostavno duboko povređena nacija. Mi to što se busamo radimo iz nekog straha i nemoći jer mi znamo da nas je svet već odavno prešišao i onda se pravimo da nas za to nije ni briga nego mi sve znamo bolje svakako. Mi pripadamo svetu, to ne može niko da nam oduzme, ali smo ubijeni u pojam i zato smo zatvoreni u sebe. Kad bi ljudi samo malo više zarađivali i bili u tom smislu opušteniji, onda bi i ta isfrustriranost nestala i prihvatali bismo i jedni druge i ostale kulture. Ja u nas ipak verujem!

Na kojoj svetskog sceni bi želela da nastupiš?

Bukvalno svaka scena sa koje bih ljudima pevala svoje pesme i gde je publika željna baš njih da čuje, je scena na kojoj bih iznova i iznova nastupala!

Ali mislim da bih na dodeli BET Awards bila na sedmom nebu kad bih nastupila.

Foto: Sever Zolak

Da li nas borba protiv kiča lagano nadilazi i onesposobljava ili…?

Ne znam. Žao mi je što dosta ljudi koji bi trebalo da se bore protiv kiča, to najmanje rade delima. Najviše samo čujemo kritiku i kukanje. Moj način borbe protiv kiča je samo i isključivo bavljenje svojim poslom na pravi način. Album “Čudo” je borba protiv kiča i neće me onesposobiti. Kad bi svako pomalo doprineo, zaista mislim da bi nam bilo bolje.

Kom vrhunskom dostignuću težiš u svojoj karijeri?

To sam već rekla, a to je da ostanem zapamćena. Po pesmama.

What would she say to many talented musicians whose pockets are full of dreams even though the only street scene available to them?

To understand that they are fating for themselves. Neither the state nor society… No one owes us anything and no one will take care of us like we will about ourselves. Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

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