Goca Tržan kao vokalni fluid

Despite the stormy winds of kitsch and nonsense, she authentically emphasized the musical style she belongs to and provided us with surfing on high waves of sincere emotions. Clear in her intent, restless in her talent, she defies the laws that surround us as she conducts her own songs with her songs. A kind of music star who can bear his name and surname – Gordana Goca Tržan.


The tastes are different and the tastes so similar. How tasteless are they to those who taste?

Benign in comparison to those that have no taste. And pretty harmless.

Has modern times reduced women to cosmetic differences?

Only to those women who want to fit the cosmetic standards of this age at all costs. There are more of us who are our own and are trying to age with dignity.

What determines the prosperity of children competing in Pink Stars?

If you think of success in the competition, only of quality and uniqueness. And in life, just from the balance between their ambition and objective talent.

Which generations are more insatiable in our day? Older or younger?

Alas, you don’t know who’s worse. And now you’ve made me wonder who I belong to …

The sheep are here to be clipped. This means that hairdressers are full of work. Who sharpens hairdressing scissors?

Density of sheep fleece … The thicker the fleece and the longer the scissors the sharper.

Tabloids teach today’s generations that truth is something that is simple and obvious. What is true for you and is it of a complex or simple category?

The truths depend on where you look at things. But they are certainly not superficial and banal as in the tabloids.

We all breathe toxic fumes of the internet equally. How is the immunity of the average internet content consumer raised?

By reading good old-fashioned books and going out into nature.

The superficialities themselves shout: “ Let’s go back to the essentials! “   What’s the problem? Why don’t we go back to them?

Because it’s so fun and easy to be superficial. Essences are boring and require hard work on themselves. I mean, who else has time for that ?! (Sarcasm!)

It takes two to tango. Who takes the main step in this dance? Politics or the media?

Uhhhh, well, they’re inseparable …

Koja pesma ima moć da ti otvori srčanu čakru?

‘’Purple rain’’, ‘’She sells sanctuary’’…

Kod izbora je najvažnije da nisi u ponudi. Da li je tako i kada je karijera u pitanju?

Zavisi kakva je karijera u pitanju. Ali malo nedodirljivosti je svakako potrebno za magiju.

Kako se vrši degustacija drugog bića?

Mirisanjem, zajedničkim ćutanjem…

Ignorisanje je vid agresije. Da li je to dobar recept kada je reč o žutoj štampi?

Za žutu štampu nema dovoljno dobrog i efikasnog recepta… Provokacija i apsurdizacija svih žutih natpisa su možda i najzabavniji…

Čiji je đon institucija za većinu obraza u ovoj zemlji?

Paaaa, moglo bi se raspravljati na ovu temu… Prepodobni i prepošteni i presavršeni svuda oko nas…

Na talasima kojih emocija voliš da surfuješ?

Orgazmične uspavanosti…

Kada će biti objavljena tvoja nova pesma?

Biće i dve u narednih mesec dana.

Can you describe the developmental stages of your musical creation from embryo to present day?

I am an interpreter who can find himself in the words and tunes of other talented artists. I have evolved from a rebellious rock slut, through a short-cut muscular entertainer to a woman who has and wants to say something without pathetic and crocheting.

Does Serbia stop you in life?

Only the feeling of helplessness caused by not having a choice can stop me in my life, and I have not yet experienced it. Serbia gave me everything. And if I ever feel frustrated, I will have the option of just leaving. And I’m not a coward …

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